Saeed Malekpour Campaign - On June 5, 2014 imprisoned techie Saeed Malekpour turns 39 years old in Evin Prison. To commemorate his birthday we’re drawing attention to his case on Twitter. Join NGOs, activists, and concerned citizens around the world for the all-day Tweet Storm on Thursday, June 5th. Make sure you join in at the peak of the storm, 1pm EST.

Thousands of people around the world will mark Saeed Malekpour’s 39th birthday on Thursday with a tweet storm on social media. More information via the Toronto Star’s Olivia Ward

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  • To spread awareness about Saeed Malekpour’s situation and remind Iranians and the international community, including media and world authorities, that this web programmer is still locked up behind bars since his arrest in October 2008.
  • To urge the international community to help Saeed and his family seek justice by calling on Iran’s top leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, to do the right thing by releasing the #techie from prison.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Tweet Storms


  • Tweet messages related to the campaign’s goals as often as you wish. During the peak hour of the tweet storm, 1pm EST on June 5th, it is recommended that you tweet once every two minutes.
  • You can either create your own original tweets or copy the tweets that the campaign has provided as suggestions below (scroll down)
  • Remember to include the hashtag #HBDSaeed in every tweet.


  • When you include #HBDSaeed in your tweets you’re contributing to the growth and popularity of the Tweet Storm campaign.
  • The more recognition the Tweet Storm receives then more we increase the chances of #HBDSaeed trending on Twitter. If enough people use #HBDSaeed we can get Saeed Malekpour’s cause to be featured on Twitter’s top trends section. A trending hashtag gains the attention of the media and world powers.


No. You can participate in the Tweet Storm as much as you like, even if you like to just tweet once.


  • If you tweet too fast (more than one tweet tweet every 30 seconds) then Twitter bots may detect your activities as spamming. In order to avoid any issues on Twitter, it is best to tweet at most once every two minutes.


  • We suggest you send SOME of your tweets to world leaders and media groups as an FYI. Please avoid activity that could land you in “Twitter jail”.


  • No. You need a Twitter account or access to one in order to participate in a Tweet Storm.
  • Just open a Twitter account; it doesn’t need to be a personalized one including your personal or private information.
  • Please make sure your Twitter account is set to public in order for your tweets to be visible.



You can just copy and paste any of the tweets below onto your Twitter:

  1. #June5th techie Saeed Malekpour turns 39 in Evin Prison- his 6th consecutive birthday behind bars. #HBDSaeed #Iran #Canada
  2. Please help be an imprisoned techie’s voice for justice. #HBDSaeed
  3. Amnesty Toronto has released a @YouTube video http://goo.gl/gsfpAs in commemoration of Saeed Malekpour’s 39th birthday. #HBDSaeed!
  4. We’re tweeting in support of #techie Saeed Malekpour for his 39th birthday on June 5! #HBDSaeed
  5. Use #HBDSaeed to Tweet in support of prisoner of rights Saeed Malekpour & call for his release http://on.thestar.com/1nh7BWm @TorontoStar #Iran
  6. #HBDSaeed. May your gift be your homecoming party. #Canada
  7. Saeed Malekpour wrote this letter from prison in defense of the charges against him: http://goo.gl/rHY8Qu #HBDSaeed
  8. نامه تکان‌دهنده #سعید_ملک‌پور از بند ۳۵۰ اوین/ شرح بازجویی، شکنجه و اخذ اعترافات اجباری از وی http://goo.gl/q6S35P #HBDSaeed
  9. #HBDSaeed, you’re not alone. #Iran #Canada
  10. [you can include the poster with this tweet, perhaps create URL for poster?]
  11. Happy 39th Birthday to Saeed Malekpour. In prison on false charges for the past 6 years, and counting. Free Saeed now! #HBDSaeed
  12. Thousands of people around the world are marking #SaeedMalekpour’s 39th birthday on #June5th with a tweet storm. #HBDSaeed
  13. It’s as though somebody who created @instagram was arrested because some user posted nude shots. – @GissouNia #HBDSaeed #Iran
  14. Saeed’s locked in #Evin since Oct 2008, serving life sentence on widely decried charges of running a porno network. #HBDSaeed @TorontoStar
  15. #SaeedMalekpour’s a techie, so we’re urging people to join a tweet storm in his support. The hashtag is #HBDSaeed.
  16. It’s shocking. Founding a startup and designing an app could result in a death sentence or life in prison in #Iran. #HBDSaeed
  17. Amnesty International Toronto branch is campaigning for Saeed. http://goo.gl/32PaSa #HBDSaeed
  18. He was detained by #Iran’s IRGC after he left his home in Victoria BC 6 years ago to visit his dying father in Tehran. #HBDSaeed
  19. At a time of rising tension in Iran he was caught in a crackdown meant to discourage Internet users who disobey clerical regime. #HBDSaeed
  20. #SaeedMalekpour is a metallurgical engineer who graduated at the top of his class at a prestigious Tehran university #HBDSaeed
  21. According to a letter Malekpour wrote from #Evin, he was tortured to extract a forced confession http://goo.gl/rHY8Qu #HBDSaeed
  22. A former cellmate reported that Malekpour’s jaw was broken under interrogation http://goo.gl/kyRcji @TorontoStar #HBDSaeed #Iran #Canada
  23. He’s being punished for the content that was shared on a tool he developed. – @GissouNia @UnlockIran #HBDSaeed #Iran #Canada
  24. Iran’s top leader has commuted Malekpour’s death sentence to life in prison. Do more right and free him, @khamenei_ir! #HBDSaeed
  25. Tweet storm brewing to free Saeed Malekpour in Iran http://goo.gl/kyRcji via @TorontoStar #HBDSaeed
  26. His family has appealed to @HassanRouhani to release him. But Rouhani replied that the case was “out of his hands” #HBDSaeed #Iran
  27. “There is only one person in Iran who holds real power” – @GissouNia And he is @khamenei_ir #HBDSaeed
  28. We’re aiming to bring Iran’s @khamenei_ir out of the shadows to demand justice for Malekpour and bring an end to his imprisonment #HBDSaeed
  29. “Only one person wields power in #Iran. We’re looking directly to @khamenei_ir for Malekpour’s release” @GissouNia #HBDSaeed
  30. #HBDSaeed. You’re not alone. http://goo.gl/32PaSa photo via @AmnestyToronto
  31. Join Unlock Iran and thousands of activists and concerned citizens around the world to tweet for Saeed’s freedom. #HBDSaeed
  32. Free Saeed Malekpour now. #HBDSaeed
  33. World auths incl Canadian & UN officials have repeatedly called for Saeed’s release to no avail #HBDSaeed. Only @khamenei_ir can free him.
  34. It’s as if there’s no one in this world who can help Malekpour seek justice- no one except for @khamenei_ir. #HBDSaeed
  35. Iran’s top leader @khamenei_ir is the only person in the world who can secure #SaeedMalekpour’s freedom. #HBDSaeed
  36. #SaeedMalekpour was arrested by Iranian plainclothes forces in October 2008, three days after arriving to Iran from Canada. #HBDSaeed
  37. Would you want to spend your birthday in an Iranian prison? #HBDSaeed
  38. Iran’s IRGC controls Malekpour’s fate. The only person in Iran who has higher authority than the IRGC is @khamenei_ir. #HBDSaeed
  39. Too many crimes committed by the authorities in Malekpour’s case for this techie to still be locked up. #HBDSaeed
  40. His crime is knowledge and education.   Free #SaeedMalekpour, @khamenei_ir. #HBDSaeed #Iran #Canada
  41. #SaeedMalekpour‘s sister: There’s no one to help us save my brother but Supreme Leader @khamenei_ir. #HBDSaeed
  42. Help #techie Saeed seek justice on his 39th birthday.  #HBDSaeed!
Dear supporters of Saeed Malekpour, we are welcoming the news of the suspension of the death sentence with cautious optimism as no official document has been presented to the family to confirm. Thank you for your continued support. We will post all the confirmed news on this blog. Image


Maryam Malekpour (Saeed’s sister), Wednesday July 18, 2012: “Yesterday we visited Saeed in prison. We are permitted to visit him once every two weeks. Thank God he is feeling OK and the location of his imprisonment has improved. However, Saeed is still held in the IRGC-controlled security ward and he is not granted any access to the outside world. The positive side is that he is no longer held alone in solitary confinement! I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be happy that his situation has improved or be upset that the threat of execution still exists and his life is in danger. It has been nearly four years that we are waking up to and sleeping with the nightmare of his possible execution.”

June 4 is Saeed Malekpour’s birthday

Happy birthday to this patient man who has already endured more than three years of unlawful imprisonment. For more than three years Saeed Malekpour has lived in the shadow of death.

This will be Saeed’s fourth consecutive birthday locked up behind bars.

Thank you for supporting Saeed Malekpour

We hope you continue to support Saeed until he is freed, safe from execution.

If you wish to send Saeed a public message, make him a birthday card or video, please post your material and text on the Free Saeed Malekpour Facebook page and we will share.

If you wish to send Saeed a private birthday message, you can contact his sister Maryam directly via her Facebook profile.

Thank you.

به امید آزادی سعید


- The Saeed Malekpour Campaign team

Please contact the Prime Minister of Canada and request from him to intervene in Saeed Malekpour’s case. Saeed may be executed at any moment!

Stephen Harper
Telephone: 613-992-4211
Fax: 613-941-6900
E-Mail: stephen.harper@parl.gc.ca

We are truly grateful to everyone who participated in today’s amazing Tweet Storm. Thank you to @roya_sabz for organizing it. Thank you for also remembering the others on death row. 

- The Free Saeed Malekpour Campaign

Free Saeed Malekpour! #SOS4Saeed

RT @Zealous_Iranian Well done guys. We got #SOS4Saeed on twitter stories. Now let’s get #SaeedMalekpour free! #Iran #HumanRights http://pic.twitter.com/kmkUJ2h8

Radio Zamaneh, 9 March 2012 |  Saeed Malekpour’s sister says his family has not heard from him in 50 days and they fear that he may be executed at any time.

The International Campaign for Human Rights reported yesterday that Maryam Malekpour, the sister of the Iranian detainee currently on death row, said: “We have not been allowed to visit him in the past 50 days and we are completely in the dark. Our letters and requests for visitations have also been left unanswered.”

Maryam Malekpour goes on to say: “Saeed’s execution may be carried out any moment. I beseech the judicial authorities of my country to stop this sentence. We have written many letters that have remained unanswered but we are still hopeful that the authorities will halt the execution.”

Malekpour, a 36-year-old software designer and an engineering graduate from Iran’s top university, Sanaati Sharif, has been under arrest for more than three years. He is charged with “propaganda against the regime by designing obscene websites, insulting sanctities, insulting the president, links to anti-government groups and corruption on earth.” In a nationally televised report, he was shown admitting to these charges. He has since declared that those confessions were coerced and that he made them under duress.

He has written to the head of the judiciary, Ayatollah Larijani, indicating that he made the confessions “under fierce pressure, torture, threats and false promises of release on bail and amelioration of my situation.”

In his letter he lists “flogging, the threat of sexual abuse, interrogations leading to broken teeth, dislocation of haws and temporary paralysis in parts of my body” as examples of the torture he’s been subjected to.

Last month, several of his cellmates released a statement calling for a re-examination of his case, declaring that he has repeatedly reassured them that his confessions were made under torture, adding that his body still carries the marks of his ordeal.


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